Friday, January 27, 2017

My Favorite Indoor Meet

I will be in attendance for the Saturday afternoon session of the Penn State National Open. It has been my favorite meet of the indoor season for quite a while now.  Mostly because it almost always has a sub-4 mile and the rest of the middle distance events are always stellar.  It was also the first sighting I had of our Olympian Darrell Hill heaving the metal ball a few years ago.

This year's event will also feature a return of 2 favorites of recent vintage.  Jess Risen will accompany the Stanford team back to her "hometown" (Indian Valley is close enough!).  And Brannon Kidder's roommate Casimir Loxsom will be circling the track at least 5 3 times in the 1000M 600M. (And you thought there wasn't any math involved with the blog!)

Be sure to say hello if you see me.  I will try to remember to bring the remaining stash of wrist bands and buttons for my loyal readers.

It is also Chinese New Year, a special holiday in our Family honoring Daughter the Younger's heritage.  I will be heading to a special Chinese dinner after the meet to ensure good luck in this New Year.  Yeah, you guessed my entree choice!


  1. I will be there tonight - one night only! Try the veal! Tip your server!

  2. I will miss you. Damn real world keeps interfering with my blogging persona!

  3. And I have a rule that I tip a minimum of 20%, always! Anyone working today needs to be encouraged to continue or urged to improve.


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