Monday, January 30, 2017

It's Personal This Time

Time to stand up and save our friends at Lock Haven Track and Field who are now on the chopping block.  And as I have said numerous times, "An Athletic Department without Athletics (Track and Field) is an empty Department."

Lock Haven has put forward a proposal to cut men's track and field (and women's swimming). The PSU team has very close ties with LHU including the annual Dolan Duels.
Below is a notice that has been posted to social media outlining how you can show support for the program. Please take the time to show your support.
Hey everyone! Thank you very much for the immediate support of this page and cause. We appreciate any and all support you may have to offer our men's track and field program at Lock Haven University. This program has contributed insurmountably to my college experience and development into a young adult. We would love for all alumni, current students, parents, family, friends, and supporters to post their experiences with Lock Haven University Track & Field as well as Cross Country (as this will inevitably be indirectly impacted by the proposed cuts) to comment their experiences at LHU. Why you came to the Haven, why you loved it here, or how it has contributed to where you ended up are all encouraged for everyone to see. As competitors, rivals, and friends outside the team we would appreciate comments expressing your feelings towards our program. I know personally I would have missed the opportunity to form rivalries and friendships within the PSAC if any other program would have been cut. Please take the time at the least to like and share this page. If you have more time to support our cause we would appreciate it greatly if you could send e-mails containing your positive support of our program to the following people:
President Michael Fiorentino -
VP Rodney Jenkins -
Athletic Director Thomas Gioglio -
Council of Trustees Gwen Bechdel -
Save Haven account -
Be sure to use #savehaven on all social media to continue our outpouring of support! Thanks again!

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  1. Just sent an email to all these folks. The Haven is my hometown, and I would hate to see them dissolve the program. They tried this with wrestling - the signature program of Lock Haven - and it failed. There was too much grassroots support. Hopefully, they can mobilize enough folks to stop this. It killed Millersville.


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