Monday, January 2, 2017

Trapped Like a Rat, Again

Looks like I really am trapped this AM.  With a car "in the shop" for repairs, I am stuck in Savannah waiting to leave for Orlando and the land of the rat himself.  Meanwhile, the last hours of the Performance of the Year poll tick by...   (Still a chance to chime in.)

Both conceited Big Ten behemoths folded like cheap suits in the bowl season.  University of Michigan defenders celebrated a sack like drunken New Year's revelers and forgot to pick up the fumble, insuring the one point loss!  And THE Ohio State University forgot to send THE offense to Tempe all-together.  The defense that showed up wasn't the first team either...

Somehow, both will still be smugger than everyone else anyway.  I promise to not watch the Rose Bowl, as that ensures good play by the Lions every time. You can thank me later.

And will the car be fixed in time or not?  The balance of good and evil is unknown!

Eight AM in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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