Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mother Nature Throws a Monkey Wrench At Those Trapped Like A Rat

You never know what can happen with Mother Nature.  Sometimes she throws things you never counted on.  Today's payload was a nasty storm including lightning which necessitated the cancellation of the Disney Half-Marathon.  And I am quite aware that it is worse just about everywhere else.  My 2 mile run was in a blustery 55 degrees.

Honestly, you would think the world ended if you only had the Disney Universe of rabid fans to go by.  Hundreds of upset runners took to the resorts to stage their own 1/2 marathons, running willy nilly throughout the grounds to cheers from the non-runners. Even those prepared to run in silly costumes donned them anyway even though no Disney Characters were there to pose for selfies with them.  The Dopey Challengers were resigned to running 35.5 miles instead of 48.6.

Monumental traffic jams ensued when they announced refunds and the medals were available at the Wide World of Sports Complex.  I really pity the poor volunteer workers there who had to handle the thousands of disgruntled runners blaming them for the acts of a mom otherwise revered by the politically correct crowd.

The only hard part for me is the 16 hour drive home when the Dopey Challengers are done!

This mom of two toddlers wasn't throwing anything but good cheer.  Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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