Saturday, June 30, 2012

Almost Heaven

The vacation continues with spotty internet access at best.  If West Virginia is "Almost Heaven", then I am certain that Heaven has no internet at all.  Which is probably a great thing.

The challenges have continued, with 60 mph winds and torrential rains thrashing our 2-tent camp site.  A wasp stung my wife between the eyes, giving her a look not unlike Nancy Pelosi after those mysterious 2 week absences she has twice yearly.  Trees down in town have Harper's Ferry without electricity on a day slated to reach 110 degrees.

And I barely got the news that Bridget Franek is an Olympian!  Matt Lincoln and Fawn Dorr both have made the finals in Canada.  Karlee McQuillen made the finals of the Javelin and there are others on the teams scattered around the globe.  Our efforts to popularize and promote PSU Track will thus continue.

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