Saturday, December 22, 2012

Artie on Austin

As a follow up on the Austin Drager being selected to his high school Hall of Fame, our very own Artie Gilkes wrote me the following:

Artie wrote: "Drager, better known to his teammates as Drago, was an incredible athlete. He finished second at the Regional meet in a lot of snow. That fall he was just on fire. He got a late start to the xc training that year and I don't think he was even in the top 10 at the first meet. But, it was like each day he was getting fitter and fitter and better and better. I do remember that in the weeks leading up to regionals he was just crushing everybody in workouts. We were doing 5 x mile hills on Laurel run road in some nasty conditions. At the end of the season coach would have us hop in the van while picking people up on their recovery jog as he drove like a bat outta hell down the hill to cut down on our recovery time. I just remember Drager destroying everyone on that work out and it was like, "HELLO!" this guy is gonna run fast!"
Kyle Bernhardy chimed in with a little anecdote also:

Artie also once made Drager sleep on the floor during a track trip. Ok maybe I was culpable in that too!

These stories, anecdotes and possibly the upcoming photos are the real reason behind this whole blog thing.  (Well, that and trying to get rid of some of the crap that clutters my mind .)  If you have stories, anecdotes, photos, videos of interest to anyone in our (maybe simulated) Universe of PSU Track and Field Alumni, let me know.  I would be delighted to share.  Coach Groves wants more golfers!

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