Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Normally Crabby Anyway

Spent the weekend in Annapolis MD, and got to see the Army/Navy Game on TV at the home of one of The Game's home turf.  It certainly makes me long for the days of PSU Football in the 60's and early 70's.  Before steroids, ESPN, 6 minutes of commercials between an extra-point and a kickoff and news stories of cheating, greed and skullduggery.

The Army/Navy Game was the best game I've seen in quite a while.  I knew none of the players before-hand, and probably none of them will ever make a Pro team.  But the passion and desire with which all the players played gave me a measure of hope.  Seeing Army's quarterback crying after losing his 4th straight game to Navy really brings home what this game means to everyone involved.

Annapolis was festive and delighted with the victory, but measured in its celebration.  They seem to have a handle on what's really important and what isn't.

I celebrated the victory on Sunday morning with Eggs Benedict with lump crabmeat at Chick and Ruth's Delly, now one of my favorite places on Earth.  If you are ever there, give the 6 lb. Chocolate Malt a go.  You could win a t-shirt!

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