Friday, December 21, 2012

Austin Drager Makes HS HOF!

From honorary PSU Track and Field Alumni Golfer  Henry Klugh (of the Harrisburg/Hershey Inside Track Running Store):

Fellow former PIAA 3200M (2-Mile) Champion Austin Drager has been elected to the Donegal High School Hall of Fame. Congrats!

In searching through the vast intertubes for more information on Austin's exploits, I found some interesting items.  First was the results from the 1996 Big Ten Track Championships where Austin placed 5th in the 10,000M behind our very own Director of Youth Development Artie Gilkes in 4th. (I missed this race as I had to leave early because my wife was having problems just prior to the birth of my first daughter.)

There's also results from the 1997 Penn State National Cross Country Meet held in the snow, where Austin placed second.  That earned him a trip to the NCAA Championships in South Carolina.

It's kind of uncanny how Austin's career in high school and college paralleled mine every step of the way.  Now let's entice him to come golf with us at the Reunion!  Although my career only earned me an honorable mention at Dover Area High School.*  Always just short...

* Current Green Bay Fullback John Kuhn is the top dog. (ex-Steelers Fullback and PSU star AND PIAA long jump champion John Witman also works at the local gym.)

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