Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Higgs Are Better Than One / And Is It All Just a Cruel Game

Physicists around the world seem like a dejected bunch following the 99.99999% chance that they found the last of the particles predicted by the Standard Model.  The M-Theory seems to be a dead end also, so many scientists are left to ponder other things.

But ponder they will do!  Now they are concerned that "The Higgs" really is "Two Higgs" (a left-leaning link for my majority of Lefty friends!) with slightly different weights.  That will keep a myriad of them busy for a while, but not nearly enough to satisfy all the brainpower out there.  Brains will wander aimlessly until something obsesses them more than the hunt for the god particle did.

That's where the woo-woo begins.  You know, the whack-a-doodle nonsense that make the papers and websites that you and I frequent in the quest for a little understanding on "just what is happening in this world?"  And leave it to Physicists to come up with some good ones!

It seems, all of our Universe may just be a computer simulation There, I said it.  "The Matrix" trilogy had it right all along.  I have read 11 different treatises of this lately, each one more confusing than the last.  None of it sounds good to me. The author of "The Singularity" and newly hired Google employee Ray Kurzweil has even come up with a way of testing the idea.

If it is true, then I wish the damned IT Guy we call God would just leave me alone.  This world is just to much hard work to be a game of Sim City for a omniscient and  confused geek to be toying with.

My idea of who is responsible for our enslavement in a Simulated Universe...

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