Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We're Number Five! And I'm the Last to Know

The Penn State Mens Team is ranked fifth on the list of best recruiting class of the year by Track and Field News in the February issue.  You probably heard about it before me because apparently I'm the very last person on Earth to receive his issue.  

PSU was bolstered in the rankings with a great middle distance contingent  including Brannon Kidder, Zavon Watkins, and Ricky West (a graduate student from the Univ. of Missouri).  Let's not forget graduate student Sam Masters in the distance ranks.  There's also Jarrad Posey (TJ, from my hometown of York), Patrick Anderson (from The Wolfe Bros. home town of Kane!), and Alex Shisler (sprints, who has an impressive pedigree!).  There's even a javelin impresario, Michael Shuey.

It's going to be a good year!  The Blue/White meet is this weekend.  I'm looking for a roaming reporter to check in!


  1. Saw it last week on psu t&f Facebook page

  2. I actually saw it t6hen too. I also heard before that from someone who got their T&F News 2 weeks before me! I just waited to read it for myself before putting the post up. Pretty good recruiting class, eh?

  3. So much for an exclusive scoop!!! LTM


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