Friday, April 12, 2013

A Really Cool Photo

This photo is in the Track and Field section of the All Sports Museum on campus.*  It shows PSU's first Sub-4 Miler and most importantly, the soon-to-be Co-Administrator of The Blog With It All!  More on that later.  Now back to the picture...

That's Nittany Mountain in the background, which is probably why the photo was taken from the low angle with Larry in the foreground.  As I just learned via Larry, the runner in second place with the Oregon USA jersey is Jere Van Dyk.  He was an Olympic Trials 1500 M Finalist in 1972.  He later was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and wrote the book Captive about the whole ordeal. I'll be reading it soon so the blog can have its 4th "book review".

But that's not all that's great about the photo.  In the background of the photo is my future wife Barb watching the action on the track!  It kind of freaks me out a little, but I'm pretty sure it's her.  I was wrong about seeing my mom in the earlier photo, but I'm pretty sure about this one.  Barb was at the meet, so there is that.

* Wrong again.  Another shot from this race is in the museum. Another  blog fact checker has been sacked.  Applications are being accepted.


  1. Who is the fact checker in this group of scallywags?

    First, this pic isn't in the Museum, the finish line photo is. Second, I was in second behind Sosthenes Bitok of Richmond, who took out the race that day (oddly, he and I both broke 4 on the same day and ran our ultimate mile PRs three years later in Canada in the same race - he won the rematch), thirdly, Barb should make the confirmation that it's indeed her in the background (her spouse never lets the facts get in the way of a good "story"!!! LTM

  2. 1. We've had problems keeping good fact checkers.
    2. This picture belongs in the Museum.
    3. You're always way ahead of S. Bitok in my book.
    4. Barb is pretty sure it's her.
    5. Facts should never get the way of a good blog post.
    6. hee hee hee


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