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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coach Gondak Gets Some Deserved Press

We've been touting John since we first met him at one of our Pre-Reunion Golf Tournaments and realized he was "one of us" and a darn good golfer besides.  Turns out he's a pretty good coach too! Thanks to the soon-to-be co-Administrator of the blog for this item.

Penn State track and field: Associate coach John Gondak leads star runners

I"m just a little dismayed that he spent a few years at Georgia Tech and never made it to The Varsity (And Here.)  It seems all of his runs passed right by the largest Drive-In in the world but he never went in!  I spent 1 month there and all of my runs were to the Varsity.  

Maybe that's why John is 1/2 my size?  I'll put some top men on that question and get back to you. Top. Men.

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