Monday, April 8, 2013

Lions and Tigers and One Bear

The Women Lions won the Crimson Tide Invitational in Tuscaloosa and the Men placed third. The Missouri Tigers were there too. Our man in the field Larry Mangan found some time before the Javelin competition to bring us a delightful photo of Paul "Bear" Bryant's bust with a little added PSU Track Alumni Wrist Band!  Yeah, you heard that right, Larry Mangan watched the javelin competition where his daughter Olivia Mangan threw a PR.

Paul "Bear" Bryant gets a dose of PSU Track Alumni goodness.

I'm more interested in finding out how the barbeque was in a place I've never been!

Owly Images

In other news, Tyler McCandless traveled to the nation's capital for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, where he was the first American in a PR 49:01.

Tyler McCandless, 8th Place Cherry Blossom 10 Miles 49:01
Addendum:  From Tyler himself, I learned of several other Lion Alums taking over Washington DC!

Patrick Murphy , and Scott Munro ran 54:20 and 54:26 respectively. Chris Pruitt in 53:32!  Stephanie- Pezz Pezzullo was 9th American in the US Championships too!!

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