Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Means Penn Relays, And Other Notes From Early Season Track

Steve Shisler to Chris Mills, 1985

  1. I still haven't been to a track meet with the temperature above freezing.  I missed the one where my daughter Anne placed in the 200 M.  Yeah, the 200 M!
  2. This is the 28th Anniversary of "The Race" (7:11.17 4 x 800 at Penn).  Read some memories of those times Here, Here, Here and Here.
  3. The current 800 M men stepped up in distance en masse at the Bison Invitational.  The results were rather good!  
      1 Creese, Robby       3:41.32 (3:58.8)*
      2 Kidder, Brannon     3:42.07 (3:59.6)*
      3 Corkedale, Tyler    3:45.93 (4:03.7)*
      4 West, Ricky         3:46.33 (4:04.2)*
      5 Dawson, Owen        3:47.20 (4:05.2)*
     11 Fischer, Matt       3:49.36 (4:07.5)*
     12 Masters, Sam        3:49.40 (4:07.6)*
     17 Watkins, Za'Von     3:50.05 (4:08.2)*
    *Mile equivalent according to 2012 IAAF Scoring Tables 
  4. PSU was 2nd in both the Men's and Women's competition at LSU's Battle of the BayouBrian Leap won the College long jump (23' 8.75") and triple jump (50' 2.5") competitions.  Leap, jump, get it?  I'm sure he's never heard that before!    Mahogany Jones won the 100 M (11.55) in a very good field.
  5. I have sent the entry in for my Alumni Weekend and Coach Groves Golf Tournament.  Have you?
  6. I will have the complete set of 1985 4 x 800 M Penn Relays (the longest running record at Penn!) photos for all to see.  They belong to Steve Shisler and I have failed to deliver them several times already.  I'm an idiot, I know.


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