Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Daily Treadmill Runs Are Never Exciting

Janet Norem's morning run Photo by Andrea Ruvalcaba
My daily runs are mostly on my treadmill.  I do realize how lame that is.  I never counted treadmill miles until 1993.  Now, they make up almost all of my yearly totals.  To say that can be sometimes boring is understating it a bit.  Reruns of Big Bang Theory or another Phillies loss isn't a good way to bring excitement into your life.

The opposite on the running spectrum would be the miles Janet Norem puts in daily.  She's currently in Malawi.  So her daily run is in Africa, which is exciting enough.  But who was more surprised during her last run when she was approached by a contingent of cyclists, a lone white ex-PSU runner or the contingent of cross-continent cyclists?

Check out Janet's blog or the web site of the cross-continent cyclists for more.

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