Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Haven't Changed At All In 36 Years!

Photo by Dr. David Litrenta

There aren't many photos of me from that era.  It wasn't my style.  This one was taken by a patient of mine and presented to me today as partial payment for the visit.   I think that may be my mom in the background, although I may be wrong on that.  Maybe my sister will help me out on that one.  The other shadow was my best friend Dan Spangler who I cropped out of the photo because none of you would have been able to pick me out if I kept him in it.  By the looks of things, this was right before Districts of my Senior year.  I had just run a lead-off 2:01 Half and 4:27 Mile.  My Coach wouldn't let me run the 2 Mile or the 880 Y that day, so I think that accounts for the smile.

Zoom in on the socks to see the "peds", complete with the little ball in the back, my preferred footwear at the time.


  1. No, I don't think that's mom sitting on the curb in the background. She was most likely sitting in the bleachers holding your cold drinks!

  2. Dave, I think your coach let you run the 2 Mile that year. You won in a record 9:22.21.

  3. Mom went to all my meets but never actually watched me run, she was so nervous. I now know how she felt watching her namesake in the recent WITF Spelling Bee. I hated having to watch that. I was more nervous than I used to get during a basketball game having to "bring the ball up". I was never nervous at all for running.

    And that District record still stands! (They started running the 3200 M the next year.)

  4. That singlet looks like a medium...did you order that from a store in Glenolden?


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