Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yevgeni Arzhanov Gracefully Accepts Our Invitation And Gives A Brief Interview

Yevgeni Arzhanov (Евгений Аржанов)

The snows came and kept coming, and for the first time in a long time outpaced anything the meteorologists had predicted.  Apparently with Tyler McCandless getting engaged and preparing for the Olympics Trials Marathon, he wasn't able to correct his colleagues.  So I'm stuck here in under more than 2 feet of snow.  (25.5 inches here.  Anyone have more than that out there?)  My honeydew list includes actually digging my car out of the white stuff so that I can go to work and get the phone calls for appointment cancellations on Monday.  Other than that, I plan on resting comfortably on my lounge chair today.

Spott Moskowitz pondering his next meal.

The Matterhorn ate my car.
And our newest honorary member of the Group (and 800U) Евгений Аржанов, Yevgeni Arzhanov, gracefully responded to a few questions we sent his way.  

Blog Central (skwilli): What are your memories of the 800M Finals in Munich, 1972?

Thanks, David (skwilli), thanks Philip (Passen) for my membering in 800U. In final 800 m 1972 Olympics Munich I was make two mistakes. First - I was begin my finish spurt very early. Second- I was begin spurt very fast. Dave Wottle no forgiven my such mistakes.

Blog Central (skwilli):  Tell us about your career following retirement from running?

After finish sport career I working as coach in Ukraine. Later 15 years worked as coach of the national teams of the USSR and Ukraine. After worked as coach in South Korea, China, Tunisia, another countries. Now wait any propositions for job as coach.

Blog Central (Phil Passen):  Do you support Dynamo Kiev in Football (Soccer for us noobs)?


Twice I worked in Dynamo Kiev as coach for physical preparation. I have many friends, former players Dynamo. But......I"m fan Liverpool! Today L-pool vs. Norvich -5:4!!!

Thank you Yevgeni!  When we are able to contact Dave Wottle, we will let you know.  I'm sure Dave will also accept our invitation to 800U because his college actually dropped Track and Field (Athletics) as a sport some time ago.  Then the two of you can actually be teammates!
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