Saturday, January 23, 2016

We Welcome The 1972 Mens Olympic 800M Silver Medalist From Afar As An Honorary Member of 800U

Phil Passen somehow found Yevgeni Arzhanov ( Евгений Аржанов) of the Ukraine (USSR back then) on this vast and wonderful internet.  He sent me a link and wondered if we should add him to our Group as an honorary member of our "800U".

Since I have nothing to do and am stuck inside with more than 2 feet of snow outside, I figured it was a very good idea.  Yevgheni was the leader of what I consider the world's most exciting race of all-time. He led until at least the last 1/2 inch!

We have featured that race on the blog before.  I have watched it maybe 100 times over the years.  And I still think that the next time I watch it, Yevgeni will finally win it.  Let's watch it together and see if Dave Wottle can pass him this time...

I'm hoping I can get some comments and memories from Yevgeni in the near future.

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