Monday, January 25, 2016

There Is No Snow In Miami

Following the record snowfall in Central PA (I actually ended up with 30 inches here in York!) I have a coveted day off work.  I would normally just sit around and take phone calls from confused, little old ladies cancelling their appointments for the next 3 months anyway.

So I am running a two-a-day workout like the days of old.  Well.... ummm, kinda.  A 3 mile run slowly on my treadmill followed by a 2 mile run slowly on my treadmill later after I recover a bit.  But hey, it counts!

Doesn't it?

Here's a few other people who are doing much more than I am:

  • 800U's Chris Mills ran the Miami Half-Marathon with his State College boyhood friend Darryl Washington.

  • Group Friend and Honorary Member Dane Rauschenberg lectured at the Miami Running Expo AND ran the Marathon.  The next day he found his way to the South Beach launching point for The Raven's daily run.  (Every day at 4:00PM, 5:00PM in summer, for 40 straight years, regardless of anything!)    (Raven Run)
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