Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Trapped Like A Rat 2016 Volume 1

Idiots always pose for pics like this.

Things I hate to love about everything Disney.

1.The shampoo.  The best in the world. Smells good and lathers well.  I don't know about the conditioner, I am not a wuss.
2. Manicured lawns.  Sometimes magically appearing.
3. Buses,  trains and boats are almost European in their promptness.
4. Even hungover workers smile for you at 5:00AM.
5. A 5:00AM "run"  is bucolic and relaxing.  (Really 8:00AM,  who do you think I am.?)
6. All the food is pretty much tolerable.
7. They can't make you stand in line if you don't want to ride.
8. The wristbands that track your every move are very convenient.
9. The sun is almost always shining.
10. English is almost the predominant language.

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