Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Celebrity Runners Are Everywhere!

Including 6 feet under, sadly...

First up, I'll bet none of you knew that Abe Vigoda was an avid workout nut and jogging was his main cardiovascular exercise.  The first time he was prematurely called dead in the news was in 1988 1982 while Barney Miller was still in production.

"An exercise enthusiast, Vigoda had just returned from a five-mile jog when his agent called and told him to report immediately to the office of Danny Arnold, who was producing a pilot for a police station comedy."

Next, Presidential candidate Barney Miller, er... Bernie Sanders was also a high school runner.  He even braved the hills and dales of Van Cortlandt Park.

Last, but not least is Ludivine, a female bloodhound who was simply let outside on the farm to pee.  But being a bloodhound causes a certain wanderlust it seems, so a Half Marathon later and Ludivine is a bona fide running star.  1:32:56 isn't bad considering a stop to sniff a dead rabbit and other such distractions. She was 7th overall and the first female runner. This will end up benefiting a worthy high school cross country team, so I'll not criticize this "viral" meme.

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