Saturday, January 2, 2016

Threeish In The Garden Of Good And Evil

As I venture forth for "Trapped Like A Rat 2016" (Disney Vacation) I took a break from trying to drive the whole way, and stopped for a spell in Savannah, GA. 

Most of you know I rarely make it to Midnight, so we arrived in town at around 3:00PM.  I then went for a run of around three miles, give or take a tenth.

My next report will be from the place I love to hate and hate to love, Walt Disney World.  Both Barb and Gary will be running the Dopey again, and Daughters the Elder and Younger will tackle their first Half Marathon before I try to drive them back for PSU's opening day of the Spring Semester.

I could use some help on some topics of interest and filling for the blog in the upcoming days.  I really don't like disappointing my dozens of readers!

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