Monday, August 15, 2016

Caddyshack: 36 Years Old Today!

Ten Things you didn't know about Caddyshack!

  1. Bill Murray improvised the entire "Cinderella Story" monologue with only one sentence of direction.
  2. The gopher noises in the movie were the same noises made by "Flipper" the porpoise.
  3. Bill Murray's brother wrote the screenplay.
  4. Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase were originally signed to do cameos.
  5. Tiger Woods once did a commercial as Carl Spackler.
  6. Harold Ramis wanted the musical score to be entirely Pink Floyd music.
  7. The second story of the Bushwood Clubhouse was a fake facade.
  8. The movie was supposedly in Nebraska, although it was filmed in Florida.
  9. Cindy Morgan at first refused to appear topless in the film.
  10. Chevy Chase and Bill Murray had to have the scene of them meeting in the equipment shed added at the end of filming, or they would not have ever appeared in the film together.
  11. Bonus!  Sarah Holcolmb only appeared in 4 movies before retiring.  Two were the best 2 films ever made.*
  12. Bonus 2!  The initial bad reviews led to the suicide of main writer, Doug Kenney. RIP

* Opinions may vary. But not by much...
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