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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Throwers Back In Europe: And Why Time Flies!

PSU Big Men, including Darrell Hill, Joe Kovacs and Ryan Whiting* all traveled to Paris for the Diamond League Meet last weekend.

Ryan was 4th, Darrell was 6th, and Joe was 8th.
That means the current overall standing are:

  1.  Tom WALSH (NZL)
  2.  Joe KOVACS (USA)
  3.  Kurt ROBERTS (USA)
  4.  Konrad BUKOWIECKI (POL)
  5.  Tomasz MAJEWSKI (POL)
  6.  Tim NEDOW (CAN)
  7.  Michal HARATYK (POL)
  8.  Darrell HILL (USA)
  9.  Reese HOFFA (USA)
10. David STORL (GER)
And every year goes faster and faster, doesn't it?  Well here's 2 explanations why:

Why half of the life you experience is over by age 7

*  Yeah, yeah, so he didn't actually go to PSU...
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