Sunday, August 7, 2016

Something Big Is About To Happen


With the news of another doping scandal in the days leading up to the Athletics competition at the Rio Olympics, I have the feeling that something big is about to happen.  The entire Russian team minus a handful of foreign-based athletes has already been tossed.  Now the heat has been turned up on the already suspect Kenyan team, including 800M Champion David Rudisha.

I have personally felt for many years that Track and Field is easily more involved in PED and cheating than cycling ever was.  And I'll bet I'm right.  The days of saying "He/She has never tested positive" has proven to be the fallacy I always thought it was.  It's very depressing, but that too is sorta kinda in my Nature... I only know one thing for sure.  I never cheated (obviously!), and never would have, no matter the fame or monetary gain.  I feel cheated by all the cheaters!  Even those who even just dabbled in it.

But to cheer things up a bit, Partner the Better did finish the 23rd in-a-row Sea Isle City Beach Run 10-MilerDoes anyone out there have a streak longer than this???

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