Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's Only Her 23rd In A Row

Today marks the 46th Annual Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Island Run.  I have been to the last 23 of them, having stopped running them several years ago.  But Penn State Track and Field Alumni (Golfers) have played a big part in the festivities here, with both Tyler McCandless and Kyle Dawson winning it more than once!

It is a dreadful run mostly on the beach, subject to the vagaries of a changing tide, soft sand, vacationers, the holes they dig, jetties of varying heights, heat, humidity and a wind in your face in both directions.  Seriously might as well be a marathon.  Still, thousands find their way  to the narrow promenade at the start of the event every year, filling the coffers of the beach patrol for one heck of a closing season party, I presume!

Partner the Better will be lining up for her 23rd in a row.  The streak includes the time she was just 2 months past a brush with the Reaper and with a hemoglobin level of 7.  And I'm not making that up! Today's version may be the worst ever as the sand reclamation project has the sand as the softest ever, and the temperatures will be in the 90s with a heat index of over 100.

I'll try to find some other members of our group and may just run my daily 3 during the race.  Say hi if you see me there!

Here's an article written by a friend which includes mentions of other friends, all of whom are legends in Sea Isle.

Bill Kehner and The Great Bile, 1980.

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