Thursday, August 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday: In Rio With Our Phavorite Physicists!

I have never been to Rio like Brian Boyer, Richard Feynman and Phil Passen. And the Track and Field starts tomorrow! But in the meantime, this is a post from several years ago to whet your whistle.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm particularly thankful for the possibility of a good 12:30 game this year, and of course, another wrist band submission from our very own traveling physicist, Brian Boyer.  Here he channels my hero, Richard Feynman at a Rio Beach. That's Richard juggling at the Copacabana Beach in the 50's.

Update from Brian Boyer: 
I met a guy from Brazil on that trip who I found out later studied under Feynmann during his Samba sabbatical. Also got sick back in US after I swam every day at Copacabana in what I now know was human poop mix.

And here's this year's version of the turducken, this time for dessert.  I present the Cherpumple, a cherry pie, an apple pie and a pumpkin pie all baked into individual cakes and then put together into one huge 21-pound decadent lump. Hell, skip the turkey, this might require a little room.

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