Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Running Is Going To The Dogs And These Chips Are (Almost) Mine!

My menagerie of 5 dogs, 5 cats, 2 fish and 2 mice are all looking at me now for breakfast, as the girls are all on vacation down the shore without me.

All of the cats are refurbished shelter or stray cats that we somehow adopted.  One of the dogs is also a second-hand pooch.  The fish are carnival fish which are thriving in their kitchen tank with all the amenities.  And the mice live in luxury with the finest food in the world, safe from the well-fed cats who would play with them rather than eat them if they had the chance (actually happened once!).

But this high school XC team had the great idea of combining a weekly training run with promoting the local shelter to support more animal adoptions.  Very fine idea!  Thanks to Judy Lynn Weaver for the link!

Meanwhile, Lays has come out with a new flavor chip that harkens back to my entry in the contest when it first started.  Chinese Szechuan Chicken chips are almost exactly like the Kung Pao chips I dreamed up.  The 3 flavors in the Szechuan chips are 1) chicken flavor  2) Szechuan peppercorns and 3) garlic Chinese Wok flavor. My 3 flavors were  1) chicken flavor  2) Szechuan peppercorns and 3) peanuts.  I think mine would be much better, but the current version isn't bad.  Usually this kind of chip is overbearing like the Greek Gyro version, but these are understated and leave the lips slightly numb just like they should!  Here is another review.

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