Friday, August 5, 2016

Olympic Opening Ceremony Predictions and A 100% Successful Way To Solve Any Problem

My Top Ten Olympic Opening Ceremony Predictions:
  1. Fireworks.
  2. Pele.
  3. Audience participation with lights and colored cards.
  4. Pele.
  5. Celebration of Diversity.
  6. Pele.
  7. A goofy way to light the ostentatious flame.
  8. Washed up has-been put on stage.
  9. American team marching in, causing NBC talking heads to swoon and preen.
  10. Pele.
And an early entry for the Alumni Singlet or Alumni T-Shirt I am giving away is a plea for more Physics!  So I bring you a surefire way to solve any and all problems from our blog's phavorite Physicist of them all!

Another entry in the contest asks for more beautiful women in bikinis, so I bring you this link. 

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