Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Store Is Returning Next Week For A Two Week Run Only!

The second opening of our Group Store will be occurring next week.

And it will only be open for a two-week period, so be ready.  The logo will be the same Intern-Inspired logo we use as our Group Emblem on the right sidebar of the full blog.  Ratings from the dozens of items sold so far were universally awesome!

Items this time will include 2 types of jackets, a polo shirt, a stadium blanket and a pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt like the days of yore.  All will be in Mens sizes again, but the selection of sizes includes everyone in our Universe.

The light-weight jacket is the same Nike jacket we sold last time to widespread acclaim.  The newest jacket is a mid-weight rain jacket from Under-Armour.  The t-shirt will be the least expensive item we will have sold, so everybody better order one!

Under Armour Rain Jacket (sans the left breast emblem)

These sales are solely for the apparel and spread of PSU Track Pride.  Our group and this humble blog receive no monies as a result.
 Help spread the word of this upcoming sale by linking to this post or sharing the Facebook Post, especially if you are more well known in our group than I.  (Which is just about everyone!)

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