Sunday, August 28, 2016

News From All Over

More Visitors for Coach Groves!  Including a man with extensive knowledge of Physics originally from York County, PA!  No, it isn't me.  It's Dick Geiger, a teammate of Greg Fredericks and Ken Brinker on Coach Groves' original team at PSU from Spring Grove, PA. Greg Dick is now residing in Tennessee *. (Error pointed out by a real Physicist.  Smartass!  He knew what I meant!)

*Speaking of Tennessee....   They have just refurbished their track with a whole new look.  Just wish they hadn't ended the Dogwood Relays!

And Nick Scarpello won another big race out there on the Left Coast.  My only criticism is that he is wearing a blue band on his wrist that ISN'T a group wristband!  He bested the field at the Qualcomm Corporate 5K Dash.

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