Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Alarming Admission

I've got nothing today.  No Track, no Cross Country, no Physics, no Golf and not even any personal stories to tell.  I've got nothing!

So this is your chance.  Send something my way for today's post.  I'm desperate.

I'll even include a cute kitten to get you in the mood.*

Finally!  A Submission!!  I guess I'm not alone in not having anything.  Our Superiors in Congress have exactly the same thing!  Thank you to a Mr. Anonymous for the entry in today's Blog.  I had not thought of oblique political commentary in this precarious time.  Shame on me...

* Remember though, cats have a natural parasite in their digestive system that can burrow into your brain and cause people to commit suicide.  That, and kittens grow up to be adult cats. 

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