Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Errata: A Bunch of Stuff Cluttering My Desk I Need to Get Rid Of

  1. A nice article about Coach Lucas. Missing his first Olympics since 1960.
  2. This year's cauldron lighting was a big disappointment to me at least.  And I'm not alone.
  3. Penn State Does not make the list of 7 Schools where Streaking is an Organized Sport!
  4. Athletes are being expelled from the Olympics for less-than-best efforts.  (Although the 1500 M runner's appeal was granted after he tanked an 800 M prelim race.)  The badminton teams did not fare as well.  I'm most concerned by the glimpse of the equipment bags at the very end of the video.  Who knew that you need a tractor-trailer to haul your badminton equipment?
  5. Bridget Franek answered 5 1/2 Questions for WomenTalk Sports.  I hope to get her to answer our usual 10 Questions for the blog at some point, but I won't bug her now.
 And some more!
  1. A Geographer shows us how to negotiate Penn State's Library stacks.
  2. Don't do the crime if you can't handle the food!  10 Revolting Foods Made in Prison.
  3. 100 Simpson's Quotes in order of importance.
Thanks to everyone for your submissions!  Thank goodness my desk is cleared now.

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