Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan Foster is an Animal!

As are each and every one of "The Boys".  As I write this, they are arriving at the track with a dozen or so miles to run for the 1,000 total and new World Record! (Take that trolls!)

Ryan Foster threw down a 4:29 mile for the 980th mile, somewhere near the Airport, I think, so it wasn't downhill.  That would be his 98th mile or so since it all began, just less than 4 days ago.  My hat is off to everyone involved in the whole ordeal.  I can't think of anything that will unite all of us as much as what they have done. I hope to contact each one at some point and have them answer 10 questions for the blog.

I'm pretty sure they have met all their goals, spiritually, financially and otherwise.

And remember guys, the keys to recovery are Ben Gay and Throwback Mountain Dew.  


  1. Thanks Dave, but it was very much downhill. Took it where Skytop turns onto Buffalo Run. Was a rolling mile all downhill. Was fun though!

  2. I would have problems beating that time in a free fall. At my weight, I probably wouldn't reach terminal velocity until after the mile was up, falling just short of a 5 minute mile! Physics be damned.


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