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Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Olympic Insider is Preparing to Reveal Himself!

Exclusive: Word has leaked that negotiations are nearing an end between the Blog hierarchy and an Olympic Insider on a deal that will bring the Olympic Experience to the rest of us rabble.  Full immunity from prosecution and access to the vast blog slush-fund (a few old editions of Track and Field News and a selection of wrist bands) has been offered.  A counter-offer is expected shortly. Stay tuned to be digitally transferred to London without having to endure the Spice Girls!

In other news, Bridget Franek rebounded for a fine victory in the USA dominated DecaNations meet in France with a victory in the 3000 M SC with a 9:38.48.  Ryan Whiting is also on the track at the Diamond League Meet in Stockholm.  All while Cross Country Practice has commenced across the nation...

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