Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Other Penn State Track Alumni Golfers Are Up To This Summer

Brian Fuller (and probably all 30 or so Fullers in our Group!) is preparing for the 1,000 Mile Relay to benefit the Kevin Dare Back On Track Scholarship.  Let's get behind all 10 of them.  And Teddy Quinn makes 11!

Blake Eaton continues training in Happy Valley despite the lack of a PSU Track Alumni Singlet!  Efforts are underway to get him one.  I should also let him know that we have hats available at our very own Store too.  But I'm afraid he'll pound me to a pulp if I tell him that anyone buying that hat he's wearing gets a free bowl of soup.

Jon Hendershot traveled to Chicago for some studio work on his new album.  What is it with these PSU high-jumpers and musical talent?  And that's Megan Anderson showing him around Chicago.

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