Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Streaking Topics to Drive You Nuts

Fellow Pennsylvanian, World Championships Marathon Bronze Medalist and Olympian (12th at Barcelona) Steve Spence just ran a 4:52.9 mile in Shippensburg, his alma mater.  That would normally be a big deal for a 50 year-old, but it's even better than that.  It's Steve's 37th year in a row with a sub 5 minute mile!  Quite a streak, Steve.  A hat-tip for you from your PSU friends...

And here's a way to keep a running streak alive when you are a frequent traveler.  The Airport Run happens to be the worst of all runs, but sometimes it's necessary.

And as a political bonus, can anyone tell me who this quite-in-shape young man is?


  1. Just a guess---Teddy Roosevelt RW

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  4. Ding, ding, ding. I don't know how you knew it, but that is absolutely correct! Maybe it was the muttonchops or whatever is on his face? It looks to me that he could have punished many of us on the Switchback Loop, though.


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