Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nautical Nuts to Possibly Reunite: Which Renowned Aquatic Leader is Most Like Our "Captain Tim"?

It looks like there will soon be a repeat of the "Three Hour Tour" of the Chesapeake Bay with our fearless "Captain Tim".  Details are still being ironed out, but I'm already taking Dramamine IV just in case.

Our next Poll question will be, "Which of these Infamous Leaders does Tim Backenstose most closely resemble?"

The choices will be:

  1. Jonas Grumby - "The Skipper" - Captain of the S. S. Minnow out of Hawaii, we are all familiar with his prowess on the seas.
  2. William Bligh - Captain of the HMS Bounty prior to a notorious mutiny.  Captain Bligh was a noted authoritarian leader who championed a rather brutal form of governance.
  3. Edward Teach - "Blackbeard" - Privateer Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge.  Scoured the Caribbean, leading his men without the use of force or murder. 
  4. Phillip Francis Queeg - Fictional Captain of the U. S. S. Caine and subject of the Caine Mutiny. Prone to outbursts of irrational behavior, some still believe he was actually the victim and not the perpetrator of the Caine's downfall.
  5. Merrill Stubing - Captain of the Pacific Princess "The Love Boat" for over 10 seasons of incredible TV drama.

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