Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Canadian Outdoorsman Shows Us How It's Done

Western Canadian and Honorary PSU Track Alumni Golfer Tom Walchuck put this video on the internetty thingie recently and I thought it deserved more play.  It seems we have quite a few outdoorsmen in our ranks, including recently retired Coach Gary Schwartz and Colorado meteorologist, coach and professional runner Tyler McCandless.

In honor of his video snagging "this bull trout from his favorite grayling pool", I'm going to have a cup of Tim Horton's decaf K-cup from my new coffee maker and a donut (alas not a Tim Hortons).  I hope someone will tell me what a grayling is.  I'm not much the outdoor type....

Addendum:  Here's a photo of an Arctic Grayling Tom just sent me.  One weird looking fish...

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  1. Tom wrote: "Thanks David.Arctic Grayling are often called the freshwater swordfish because of their huge dorsal fin.They are the main quarry in this river.However if the usual pool like this one is devoid of them it means usually their predators the Bull trout have come to dine.The Bulls in this stream can push 15 pounds.Cheers."


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