Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reliving Old Times

Everybody already knows I'm quite partial to living in the past.

My daughter Martha ran the Carlisle Invitational today, which is one rather large High School XC race.  There are teams from Virginia, Maryland, New York and all over Pennsylvania.  It is the largest race I know of in the HS XC ranks, even bigger than any District or State Meet.  There are  3 JV Races,  3 Puma Challenge Races and 2 Championship Races. It's an all-day event on a fast, well-marked course.

The best part was seeing an old nemesis of mine from the late 70's.  Henry Klugh runs the Inside Track Running Store between Harrisburg and Hershey. I have previously made him an honorary member of our group, as he already knows many of us and keeps a lot of us in supplies.  I am sure that if you stop by his store he'll be glad to tell the story of how I made him the PA District 3 1-Mile Champion in 1977.  He'll also probably not charge you extra for your shoes and running extras!

Back in modern times, the PSU  Mens team placed 10th at the Greater Louisville XC Classic and the Women's team was 5th.  Transfer Senior Sam Masters paced the men in 17th place while Rebekka Simko was 15th for the women (with a 2 minute PR!!).

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