Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Chin Music!

Coach Sullivan got to throw out the first pitch at the State College Spike's last home game of the season yesterday.  I know how hard that is (just ask our current President!).  Avoiding embarrassment by bouncing the ball in the dirt usually lives forever in today's cell phone video era.  So, with all the pressure on, Coach Sullivan did extremely well. Imagine a hitter like Vlad Guerrero at the plate, and she dealt him a high brush-back pitch at his chin! You go, Coach!

Addendum:  Due to the light content in today's post, I will add some truths to live by:
  • It is impossible to make a pizza 1/2 Anchovies. (I love anchovies on pizza.)
  • Unemployment would be way under 8% if they included all the drivers ahead of me making a career out of a left hand turn.  
  • Add in the number of people stealing all the metal from your property for recycling and you reach the magical "full employment" numbers.
  • A confabulist marathon between Paul Ryan and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz would be a hootenanny. Bring popcorn.
More may follow...

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