Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheating, Viruses and Burning Men

I took off work today with a "cold" that somehow morphed into a death-spiral of coughing and fever.  With all the mosquito bites I've had this year, I'm beginning to wonder... I was once at the birthplace of SARS,  months before it was announced to the world.  That story will wait for another day.

First up, here's a marathon cheater none of would vote for!

And here's a quite objective look at The Burning Man Festival that just ended.  Anyone ever attend one of these? Beware: The author is a noted climate "skeptic".

This would have been my favorite part of the Festival...

And I did keep The Streak alive by running a spirited 11:00 mile while coughing up 1/2 a lung.


  1. Was the cold subsequent to an activity which took place near an open window? LTM

  2. At least then I would have had some benefit from it! Alas, windows are sealed and I am the King of the Castle, or at least the Prince of the Principality.


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