Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Golf (It's Been a Long Time!) And Chris Foster Teaches Jon Cryer a Thing or Two

Chris Foster won the Malibu Triathlon last weekend.  Another Malibu resident, Two and a Half Men's Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) braved the event and came out with less skin than he had before the start.  Chris, if I remember correctly also had a bad bike accident last year and must have taught Jon a thing or two.  Jon then got a parking ticket at the Hospital!

And Golf's Best Ever Ball Striker is a guy you never heard about.  Moe Norman was said to never have hit a hook or a slice (unless asked to do it on purpose!).  He could give a golf technique demonstration and hit 200 shots in a row within 10 feet of a bucket at 200 yards. His only problem was his ultimate advantage.  He was The Rain Man of Golf.  His autism and social backwardness prevented him from attaining all the accolades he other wise would have. His technique is now taught everywhere and is known as Natural Golf.  This involves a single plane of swing, negating lateral rotation and therefore hooks and slices.

Here's Moe Norman in action at one of his demonstrations.  Really remarkable stuff.  There had been plans for a feature film of his life, but I think things are delayed.  Notice his poor dentition; Moe was hooked on Coca-Cola and drank a case a day, while living in a Cadillac he won at a tournament in Canada!

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