Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Food Thrown Away: Bring Back the Chicken Cosmo! Cross Country Runners Need Calories

 The skimpy lunch above would be an improvement over this year's selection. The above lunch has been banned as well.  Peanut butter is a strict no no, and french fries have gone the way of the dodo bird.

As a lifelong lover of institutional lunches (I loved the Dining Halls!), I have to say "I told you so."
I passed on my love of school lunches to my second daughter, who happily bought lunch at school for her first six years of readin, ritin, and rithmatic.  But something changed this past year and she is now "a packer".  I foresaw a nasty backlash.  And its here.

The something is that our First Lady was successful in her takeover of the school lunch program, so as to make our kids healthier.  One month into the fiasco, and all heck has broken loose.  A sample lunch recently was a small piece of pita bread with a dollop of hummus on it,  small piece of lettuce and a peach.  Throw in the low-fat milk and you have a lunch meeting all the requirements of a small gerbil or similar rodent.  More than 80% of the peaches were tossed out whole at some schools.  Milk was tossed at a high rate too as chocolate has been banned by our overlords.  My daughter says its even worse than I'm making it appear.

There are others complaining, and the geeky world of instant media is making noise now.
Do any of you remember the Chicken Cosmo, or those great cheesesteaks with the ladeled cheese sauce?

Elmo may like the new program, but he is just a three-year old monster:

Rush Limbaugh doesn't agree with Elmo:


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