Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rain, Wind, Mud Makes For Good Cross Country!

"As always, it's great to have Coach Groves as our meet referee and to really see him in his element at a cross country race like this." -Coach Sullivan.

The weather hasn't been kind to spectators of Penn State home cross country meets in the past few years.  The Harry Groves Spiked Shoe Invitational yesterday was not an exception.  Rain, wind and mud made conditions challenging for everyone.  I suppose the runners have the least problem with it, as they are already running anyway.

The Mens team came in third place behind Princeton and Georgetown, with Sophomore Matt Fischer pacing them with a second place finish.

The Womens team won with Junior Victoria Perri in the runner-up position.  Nice run.

And all should remember, the best way to dry out running shoes is to run in them the next day.  All the other ways are inferior. I don't care what anyone says...

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