Friday, September 28, 2012

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

As we wait for the first Big (not B1G) Cross Country Meet of the season, I tought I would bring you something from the wonderful World of Physics.  Alas, I think all Physicists have a 3 month's long hangover from discovering the Higgs particle.  The only thing that seemed worthy enough was this photo of Einstein's office at Princeton on the day he died.  Looks pretty much as you would expect, I guess.

And here's Jimmy Fallon singing 4 decades worth of TV Theme Songs:


  1. Einstein's bookshelves mimic the two different aspects of the brain...left vs. right. I bet none of the materials address grooming, especially hair styles.

  2. I'd love a real Physicist to comment on the equations on the board! Notice the difference between the order on the right side of the picture and the left side book-case. (I guess that's what Truthbetold is referring to.)


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