Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Last Photo Before the Indoor Season Begins

Today, the Indoor Season really begins at the Horace Ashenfelter Indoor Complex.  Our agents are there and will bring you some photos in due course.  But first, one last photo from yesteryear of a race I was actually involved in!

That's the 1977 Penn State Open won by, who else, Greg Fredericks in 24:38. I was 35th in the race, a real disappointment after my early season successes. (photo by Marty Mengel.)

Go ahead, name as many as you can...


  1. George Buckheit from Bucknell

  2. That's all? You people are disappointing me.

  3. Larry leading, Greg to left of Buckheit, Dave Felice to B's right. Mike W. on right.

  4. Lovett, Fredericks, Baden, Buckheit, Felice, Orazem (?), Mangan, Wyatt. Still have that copy of The Harrier in my archives!!


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