Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trapped Like a Rat IV*: The 20th Annual Walt Disney World Marathon

Just about to set off on the fourth straight trip to the Disney Goofy Challenge for my wife, Not Me! "The Goofy" is the name for the combination of the 1/2 Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday.  Runners from around the world show up to traipse around the Parks and receive a special extra medal at the Finish Line of the Marathon to mark the occasion.  I usually sleep in waaaay past the 5:00AM start times and run 3 miles around the hotel at a leisurely pace each of the days.

This year, the girls and my wife will also run the 5K Family run on Friday.  This adds the fourth medal to the mix for her, which is unofficially known as "The Daffy".  Like I said many times before, I'm retired!

*Trapped like a rat refers to the feeling I get every time I stay in Disney World.  There is no getting away from them, they are everywhere.   And no one has yet to convince me that he is a Mouse.

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