Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wascally Wabbits Impress Me

I'll get around to posting about the wins and records and barrier-breakers and Alumni Singlets at the Penn State National soon enough.  I'll even have exclusive photos from Alums of note.  But really I must comment on the most impressive thing I saw at the Event.

Again, the Fuller Brothers stole the show for me.  To see the 3 siblings hanging out together and  enjoying each other's company like they always do brings a big smile to my lips.  I could have numerous photos of them in the stands, beside the track and even competing.  That is, if I could actually work a camera.

Mark ran a 4:16 mile on Saturday to start things off.  The real fireworks came soon after when Kevin became the rabbit in the 800 M Invitational race.  As always, he ran his 400 M* in perfect fashion, with a smile and seemingly no adverse effects.  Brian jumped in the 1 Mile Invitational with a nearly perfect opening 800M* in 1:58 or so.  Dependable Rabbits such as Kevin and Brian make big money in Europe on "The Circuit".  Maybe they didn't make big money yesterday, but I give them a big tip of the cap and accolades for modeling the Alumni Singlets in superb fashion.  I promise some great photos to come!

This heralds in our next push for sales of the Alumni Singlets, which are rapidly becoming a National Force in Track and Field.  Stay tuned for your next opportunity to get one for yourself.

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