Friday, January 11, 2013

Trapped Like a Rat IV / T and F News!

By now everyone knows that Larry Mangan gets his T and F News weeks before me, so he has gratiously sent me some info to post.  I'm thinking that the Powers-That-Be at T and F News go by all-time best mile times, but then I'm just guessing!

My Annual Edition just arrived!!!  Here are some early news flashes

400 – Gehret Unranked US/World -  37th fastest time in World/13th US
800 – Loxom Unranked US/World – 13th fastest time in US
1000 – Creese Unranked – 3rd fastest time in US combined/Fastest time in US –indoors
SP – Whiting #3 World/#2 US – 72-2.25i = #2 World & US
         Kovacs  Unranked World/#4 US – 12th farthest throw in World/7th US
       Eaton – Unranked World/US – 19th farthest throw US

4x400 #14 fastest time in the World
4x800 #3 fastest time in the World
SMR #10 US
And here's an update:

Missed Creese’s mile – 38th US indoor/outdoor combined


800 – Simko 31st fastest time in US
1000 – Caitlin Lane 6th fastest time in US
Mile – Lane 34th fastest time in US
Steeple – Franek unranked World/#2 rank US – 19th fastest time in World/2nd fastest time in US
3000 – Franek – 23rd fastest time in US
5000 – Franek 40th fastest time in US
10000 – Millhouse 35th fastest time in US
400IH – Dorr 19th fastest US
Jav – McQuillen  - #6 rank US, 6th farthest throw US
          Loht  - 23rd farthest throw US
          Kenney 27th farthest throw US
4x400 – PSU 28th fastest time US
             PSU alumni 35th fastest time US (indoor mark)

I may have missed a few alumni…..


  1. Assuming that is Fawn Dorr you are referencing as the 19th fastest U.S. Womens 400IH...I have been thinking she is Canadian.

  2. All women's hurdles are low also, including the steeple barriers. Which sure could have helped me!

  3. Given that Akron, NY is so close to the Canadian border, we can give you a pass for thinking she was from the land of Tom Walchuk!!!! LTM


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